Camel Booties

Feliz inicio de semana my friends. Este fue mi outfit casual dominguero el día de ayer. Un look bastante relajado y a gusto para la tarde. Bandita y botines en tonalidades rosa, y el resto, digamos que me gusta ponerme creativa. No todo tiene que combinar solo me gusta sentir que a mis ojos le agrada. Últimamente ando un poco obsesionada con estos botines color camello, me fascinan. ¿ Qué les parece?

P.D. Los carros clásicos solo fueron coincidencia en el photoshoot, pero me encantaron.



Happy Monday my friends. This was my Sunday outfit, something super casual and cozy. Pink-toned headband and shoes; the rest is just creativity. Not everything needs to match, as long as I feel comfortable and it looks good to me. I’ve been somewhat obsessed with these camel booties lately, I just love them. What do you guys think? 

P.S. The classic cars were just a coincidence in my photoshoot, but they are amazing though.





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